A great review of Paulette’s new book, The Day I Saw The Hummingbird, from the talented author Christoph Fischer.


The Day I Saw the Hummingbird: A Novel by [Mahurin, Paulette]Today I have a superb book for you, written by a close friend of mine. So yes I’m biased, especially as all proceeds from her books goe to a no-kill animal shelter. But with the charitable thought comes quality, so you’re on a double winner.

“The Day I Saw the Hummingbird” by Paulette Mahurin marvellously continues her series of heart-breaking and heart-warming celebrations of the human spirit in times of adversity.
The point of view is that of a growing up slave boy, who is forced to witness the death of his father and other close friends at the hand of white men, just before the outbreak of the Civil War.
Told by the grown up man as he looks back at his life, this manages to bring into the novel also the reflection of the post-slavery man on the Civil War and the times before and after.
The horrors…

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