Christoph Fischer’s latest book is available for pre-order at Amazon. It’s a mystery and sounds fascinating. Can’t wait to read it.


body-in-the-snow-kindle-coverThe Background for my story is simple:

As I said in a previous post: In 2012 our house was snowed in on a hill top and the electricity was cut several times for almost entire days. My partner joked that this was the perfect setting for a murder mystery, since nobody could arrive or leave. I liked the idea. We were cut off from everything, as is so often the starting point of good crime fiction, like “Then there were none” by Agatha Christie, or “Murder on the Orient Express”

We learned first-hand the limitations of life in such a big snowfall, from food supplies to transport and communication. Our dependency on public services and other people became apparent. Now what if relations between the neighbours weren’t ideal?

That year Englebert Humperdinck was chosen to represent the UK at an international Song Contest and that stipulated the thought for a…

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