Two Great Danes, Blue & Princess, were rescued from a kill shelter. Wonderful the siblings were adopted together.

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

Blue inspecting his new yard Malnourished Blue was brought in with his sibling Princess to a kill shelter. They were both adopted by a loving family. He’s now happy inspecting his new yard.

Princess & Blue happy at home Princess in the foreground with Blue in back. Enjoying their new home’s beautiful yard.

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of my books and took the time to write a review. All profits from all my books are going to help get dogs like Blue and Princess out of kill shelters.



on 25 September 2015
“It is a crime to exploit patriotism in the service of hatred.” –Emile Zola
I found this book fascinating; not only for the content itself, but also for the way it is written. The story of injustice…

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