This one is worth the read. Fascinating book by the talented MCV Egan.


Defined By Others v12 SMALL 9-8-14

“Defined by Others” by MCV Egan is a gripping, contemporary novel that touches on a lot of nerves of modern society. It is set amongst a circle of women in their late forties. Amanda dies at the age of 47 and leaves her friends Connie and Anne a ‘game’ to play. The latter women share not only the loss of their friend but also the loss of their husbands, and are happy to play.

Said game involves the fraudulent assumption of fake personas and playing with people’s emotions and hopes on social media platforms. Egan shows a lot of empathy in the way she created her characters – both, the victims and the ‘players’. The story also highlights perfectly how we are happy to accept what we want to and how easy it is to be misled (again, victims and players).

The title introduces another theme, and a profound one…

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