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The Reluctant Warrior by Ty Patterson is a great read. Fast paced, smart dialogue, and scenes that grab, grip, and move the reader along at an intensity that doesn’t let up. Rapidly moving vivid scenes and a smart story line with believable characters made this a read I couldn’t put down. Like Grisham, this author knows how to spin intrigue and like the best of them knows how to bring conflict and tension into a story that is memorable. I love the contemporary character that I can envision on the screen bringing millions to watch, hanging on the edge of their chairs, which is how it felt reading this. When the FBI is infiltrated and the National Security Director goes to a clandestine undercover group, with unconventional ways to help, all hell breaks loose in one tightly written scene after another, involving the former Kosovo Liberation Army commander with a penchant for torturing women and children who was a target for assassination until he fled the country, changed his identity, and became an American Citizen. Twists and turns and unexpected events bring this story to a dramatic climatic ending that stays with the reader long after the last page is turned. Highly recommend.