The prolific author Christoph Fischer is featuring Paulette’s new book, His Name Was Ben, at his site. It’s available on Amazon:
And, while you’re at Christoph’s site have a look around. This prolific talented author has written some real gems.



Today I have the pleasure to announce the long awaited release of Paulette Mahurin’s new book: “His name was Ben”.

I absolutely loved Paulette’s first book “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap”. She responded to my positive review, I featured her with an interview and we have become good friends since, not least because of our shared love for dogs. The proceeds of Paulette’s books go to a no kill shelter in California (Link).

Now to the book: It is a beautifully written, bitter-sweet love story between two cancer patients, Ben and Sara, and really also between them and her Rottweiler dog Tazzie.

Sara, a nurse practitioner, develops an aggressive type of breast cancer, first detected by said dog, Tazzie. The story of her diagnosis and the initial treatment is full of raw emotion and written with great empathy and with amazing medical knowledge.
We also learn about her…

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