I loved this book and just heard from the author she’s offering it on a kindle countdown reduced price:  – .99 through Tuesday – then $1.99 through Friday. Then back to 3.99


My review:

on June 9, 2014
Format: Paperback

Carol Bodsteiner’s Go Away Home is a beautiful story that engages the reader from the very first page up to the very end with lingering images continuing after the last page is shut. Bodsteiner masterfully crafts a lovely heartwarming, and heart-wrenching tale, a walk through Americana, filled with nostalgia, love and loss, romance and heartbreak, a time when women gained the vote and the plague devastated lives. Go Away Home is a love story, with life, with family, with self—that promises to fulfill what it is to be alive when one chooses the life one wants to live, despite the consequences.

The story is told through the protagonist, Liddie, whom we meet initially filled with wanderlust and yearnings for a life away from the farm she was raised on. We grow attached to her and care about her through the artful writing of the author who presents the initial scenes with a loss to grab at our hearts early on in the story, a loss that shatters Liddie’s dreams. But, as all good storytelling goes twists and turns occur that take Liddie to the city to fulfill her dreams, until love enters in to complicate her life and moves things along unexpectedly. Liddie, and all the sub-characters are people we care about deeply, as if our own father, mother, siblings, love interests, bosses, and we can’t help but cheer for our heroine, Liddie, and cry with her when times turn for the worst. Bodsteiner excels in getting the reader involved, in caring about what happens to Liddie, in wanting to know where the story is headed, and feeling in touch with reality during the read, that yes this could have happened.

Well written into the scenes were rich historical settings, from Wilson as President, the pre and post occurrence of women gaining the right to vote, the outbreak of influenza, the initiation of the draft and men going off to war, and the advent of the Model T, etc. The settings in the scenes were historically accurate down to the camera description, the telephone, sewing machines, the kitchen set up, items in rooms, and clothing, which made for vivid imagery. The dialogue is rich with depth of realism and wisdom, where an aunt will question the distinction of doing something for the sake of boasting as opposed to doing something with an eye to improving oneself as a person. Go Away Home is a read I will remember, a read that lingers, a read I will return to, and I read I highly recommend.