I’ve had the great joy to have encountered a master poet, Jean-Jacques Fournier, whose blog site I’ve been following for many months now. He writes from the heart of what it is to be human with passion, intellectual innuendo and wit, that is engaging and captivating in imagery and emotional response of the reader. His work has moved me and it is with great pleasure I introduce you to this very gifted poet and his newly published book of poetry, Issues.


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Author’s Bio:
Jean-Jacques Fournier is a native of Montreal. He started writing poetry in earnest while living in California in the early eighties. In the process of reinventing himself numerous times, his penchant for the language of poetry seemed best suited to express emotional experiences. He then spent several years pursuing his writing in the South of France, during which time he published his first three books. He has since moved back to Canada and is now living in the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec with his French wife Marianne, and two Maine Coon cats, Kaspar and Kallista. He has published seven books to date, this being his seventh and the second edition of his first book of poetry. All poems for this second edition have been revisited.
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