The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and Paulette Mahurin get a wonderful shout out from the very talented author Karen Robiscoe. Check out her great blog site over at Charron’s Chatter.

Charron's Chatter

It’s Teusday and you know what that means. You’ll be misspelling that word all day, but besides that. It’s taco & dollar Guinness night at Carlos Murphy, absolutely, but what else! It’s the eve of Humpday Next? Now you’re cooking with camels, but that still isn’t the focus of this post, and since I’ve just now remembered what that is, I’ll cut short this extended rim shot before my Oldtimer Rhyming habit kicks back in…


...der-de-der...La-la-la…oh hey. You still here? Were we supposed to…? Oh, right. I was posting & postulating now, wasn’t I…Something about….ahh…words to the effect of: There once was a blogger named Tucker…no, no…that doesn’t sound right. Hmmm. * scratches noggin, delicately sampling a fish flake as she wonders * I got it!  It was a riddle. If you wake up early on Toozday, is that the same as waking up 2x as early…

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