My terrific editor Deborah Wall featured at the wonderful author Christoph Fischer’s site.


One of the most discussed subjects amongst us indie authors is the process of editing. My editor is Deborah Wall and she is the subject of today’s blog on editing.

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Hello Deborah, please tell us a little about your background.

I have been helping people communicate more effectively for over ten years now. From 2002-2010 I taught English as a foreign language while I was living in Bratislava, Slovakia. This experience gave me a huge apprectiation for how the English language is put together and how we use it to communicate. This includes all areas of the language; grammar, punctuation, tenses, syntax, vocab, idioms and fixed expressions… everything we need to say what we want to say.

I left Slovakia in 2010 to do an MA in English Language in the U.K., consolidating my education and skills in linguistic analysis. I have continued to have occasional students since then, but…

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