What a great interview and inner look at a great author’s thinking behind the story. So many fascinating aspects involving history, real and fictional. Christoph Fischer is a wonderful story teller. Check out his blog site and books.


Two days ago I published my second book, SEBASTIAN. Here are a few thoughts about what motivated me to write it and answers to Some questions I have been asked about the book.

Sebastian” is the second book in my Three Nations Trilogy, a series on war torn Central Europe that focuses on how lives could be changed by politics and cultural and ethnic developments.
The Luck of the Weissensteiners” was about a group of Jewish and Catholic people in Slovakia during WWII, “Sebastian” is about a family in Vienna around WWI. The stories are using similar themes but are not connected directly.
Sebastian is based on an idea I have always had of my grandfather when I was young. I unfortunately never met him because my grandfather had divorced my grandmother and lived with his new family on the other side of the Berlin Wall…

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