I’ve had the great pleasure of coming across this very talented artist and author of the beautifully done book, The Magical World of Twigshire: A Feel Good Book For All Ages by Judi Light. And, indeed it is a wonderfully feel good book that the whole family can enjoy.

In Judi’s words:

“Isn’t it funny” said giraffe to sunflower
“That I’m all splotchy and you’re so bright!
But we’re best of friends and we visit a lot,
(but to others we must seem a sight!)”.

“That’s what’s so fun”, said sunflower to giraffe
“That’s all a part of our game,
When we love what’s different about each other,
We’re free to learn what’s the same.”


“When you fly here and there and it takes all day to do it,
take a break, slow it down, relax, my friend.
Create the time, eat a bagel, have a chat with a pal
‘Cause ONLY WORKING makes you blue in the end.”


My book, “The Magical World of Twigshire”, put itself together with a
little help from me and my husband, after so many people who had
bought and enjoyed my whimsy prints and the little side stories for
each, kept suggesting I write a book.    I resisted doing so for
about 8 months and then all of a sudden.. there it was all shiny and
glorious in a big box inside our front door!

This book is intended for EVERYONE.  Young, not so young, able to
read, too bored to read.   It is intended, as I like to say, to “ramp
up your happiness factor”.  Which it does.

The  illustrations are filled with lots of wonderful color and
detail, and the little stories and poems are fun, or reflective, or
touching, and remind us all , I think, of how good we really all are.
When you pick up this book, and start leafing through it… I betcha
can’t read just ONE!


“Enjoy the sky and the air, breathe the perfume in your day,
Linger long and take your time to walk those miles.
When it’s all said and done and everything’s been counted
What’s important is the number of your smiles.”

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